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Green Screen

Safety tip about folding a pop open 5 x 7ft. Green / Blue screen.

The screen shown here cost me $99 USD, it is a strong steel frame and from what I’ve seen in other instructional folding visuals this one is much stiffer and harder to fold. So keep that in mind when you are viewing other folding visuals.

Safety tip from GoPappyGo Bite Size Tips. Here is an easy folding video visual and a safety tip. Now you won’t get popped in the face while popping open your green screen along with an easy close method.

How to safely open a 5 by 7 pop open background, backdrop, green / blue screen and then how to fold it close easily just like magic.

I found this closing method on YouTube and thought I would share it with you. It looked so easy, however, when I tried it, not so easy. My first thought was that my green screen was made with a stronger band of spring steel because it just didn’t want to do as in the video visual. But then as I kept trying I finally found the secret magic as you will also discover after watching this video. This video can also be found on YouTube channel GoPappyGo Bite Size Tips.