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How to make better video

Edit Videos

Editing as in learning how to edit videos inside a software program to make a video right out of your camera look better, communicate the point intended. OR, does editing start with the writing of the script to communicate the point intended?

Some times the creative juices get flowing while writing script and them again while doing the edit.

Hopefully, here I will talk about editing software. There are a number of editing programs and even one free, most are ok for you. Personally, I would recommend the ones you pay for because you eventually are going to get good at editing and the free versions just won’t go where you want to go.

Your favorite editing program will become the one you learn to use and get familiar with. A bunch of years ago I started with Sony Vegas Studio which I have heard is still a great program. Then I was lead into believing Camtasia was so much better because I saw others doing some things I wanted to do, or so I thought. There were a lot of untruths to that one. Didn’t even do video editing at that time as I was lead to believe. However later they did jump into video editing and at that time there was something missing when they started video editing that I really wanted to know and do. Chroma Key.

I used Camtasia for a bunch of years before they finally came out with their version of Remove Color (Chroma Key). That really sucked, and now with their latest up date, they have lost me. Here is where I say Again – Your favorite editing program will become the one you learn to use and get familiar with. And Camtasia was that favorite editing program for me until now.

Now it’s time to learn and familiarize myself with Final Cut Pro 10.3. I’ve owned Final Cut Pro (Mac) for a few years now and just haven’t used it because my familiarized favorite was Camtasia Studio. I do have both a PC and a Mac. Final Cut Pro just come out with a full revamp of the program called 10.3 so I will do my time and master it. I’ve got hooked on final Cut Pro because of the Green Screen Chroma Key which does such a great job.

Knowing how to use one editing program usually you should find it a fairly easy task to move into another. Don’t be afraid to spend the cash to acquire a good editing program. Once hooked on editing video there is no turning back, at least for me.

I’ve only mentioned a few programs here so don’t take my word for it, Please do your own research. “it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain’t so”, that’s what happened to me looking in the wrong places and knowing the wrong things to be true. Going on recommendations¬†of so called¬†Gurus.

Once you find a program that suits you, don’t be afraid to spend a few $ on some training on that program of choice. One last wisdom, “What Was Hard… Is Now Easy”.